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For "Dark Angel Amish".....

About the author

"Pay the Devil" attests that after a tragedy, life goes on, often with pain, anxiety, anger, and the need for strength and commitment to survive.

​Anna, the young Amish farm wife, must find a way to overcome her grief and despair after the heinous treatment of her husband by the Amish Church's unchecked elders.

Michelle is a young Mennonite professional lady struggling with her lifestyle in a church that will tolerate nothing that is "different."

Sharon is an up-and-coming marketing professional, and "English" outsider, who comes to idyllic Lancaster County, PA, simply to do business with Michelle.

​The three ladies are thrown into the turmoil of the religious cult and all the havoc this has created, and together find that the pain and suffering does not simply stop. The story, begun in "Dark Angel Amish," exposes the fallacies of the tourist marketing program that show the Plain People as a simple, devout, humble, farming community. In real life, evil not only exists, but abounds in the community in ways that modern romance novels and reality TV shows fail to grasp. The strengths of the three main characters are tested to their limits, and they must reach deep into their stock of courage to triumph.

It began with Sharon's innocent mixed business-pleasure trip to PA Dutch Country. She was going to visit with her new client for her advertising and marketing company in Philadelphia. Michelle, one of the family members managing a growing paper goods business welcomed her. In doing so, she allowed Sharon a peek into a close-knit Mennonite family. All seemed serene until Michelle opened up about her personal lifestyle, one that is certainly not accepted by her church. 

Anna Stolzfus and husband Jacob struggled with Anna's health problems that caused her to delay bearing more children. This was unacceptable to the Amish church's elders who stepped in to exercise their authority over what  they perceived to be wayward church members. As Anna struggled with their directives, Jacob found an outlet for his frustration in an area that was destined to cause him unbelievable agony. 

​Finally, when the elders decided to correct Anna's and Jacob's transgressions with a hideous final solution, the situation spirals out of rationality. Only through their ability to fight through fear, anger, and despair do Anna, Michelle, and Sharon find a way to move forward.

The Critics Say....

In a continuation of the story of three very strong,unique women, author L.J.Kritz in "Pay the Devil" presents the aftermath of a situation as surprising as it is shocking. It is set among the "gentle people" Amish, as presented in his first offering, "Dark Angel Amish." This story presents a very different view of the peaceful, devoted society publicized and marketed by the tourist industry. This story exposes the underside of self-proclaimed leaders with a taste for power. "Pay the Devil" chronicles the recovery of the three women most affected by all of this, as well as the consequences awaiting those who abuse the position of leadership. Mr. Kritz completes this saga with alacrity and a spirit of optimism exemplified in the relationship of the most diverse of personalities.

​                     Thomas R. Bowman, PhD (ret)

LJK Words

The Critics Say.........

I had the pleasure of reading Lou's novel prior to it's publication, and I found I could not put the book down once I started reading about these characters who remain with me as clearly as friends from my childhood. Lou lived among the Amish and brings a depth of knowledge to us as he presents a story that has elements of love, fear, evil, and goodness. The story explores modern and traditional life as they meet and conflict. As I finished this novel, I could see another just awaiting Lou's masterful writing skills as they create for us the continuing story of the major changes each character will experience in life.

                          Gail B Mitchell, PhD

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Lou has been a student of religion for most of his life, and his view of the pastoral PA Dutch community is much different than that of the tourists billboards. Having lived in Lancaster County for twelve years, four of them in an Amish house and community, "Dark Angel Amish" arose as a way to tell this unique story. In this first work of fiction, Lou aims to show that the actions of a ruthless few often affect the whole group. They often go so far as to involve neighbours and even outsiders who are inadvertently drawn into the strife.

After the publication of his first book, Lou, along with his wife, Loraine, decided to strike out on a new adventure. They had fallen in love with Costa Rica on a visit about eight years ago,but circumstances then didn't allow for a move. One day about a year ago, they looked at each other and said; "Why not now?"

Lou's first goal in their new home was the completion of "Pay the Devil," which continues the narrative of those lives affected by the Amish Elders' efforts to control their flock, as started in "Dark Angel Amish."

Lou and Loraine had to settle into a new culture, a new economy, and even learn a new language. Their experience has shown that learning never stops, and every day is a new challenge.

Works in progress include a chronicle of the couple's first year in their new home, and a series of novellas based on the personalities and happenings in and around a surgical suite. Check back to the website, LJKWords.com, for both current offerings and upcoming works.

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For "Pay the Devil".....

Welcome!to the home of Lou's writing, LJKWords.com. Currently featured is "Dark Angel Amish," the first novel about Amish issues, and we introduce "Pay the Devil," the sequel that continues this lamentable, yet often uplifting, story.