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Pay the Devil attests that after a tragedy, life goes on, often with pain, anxiety, anger, and the need for strength and commitment to survive.

​Anna, the young Amish farm wife, must find a way to overcome her grief and despair after the heinous treatment of her husband by the Amish Church's unchecked elders.

Michelle is a young Mennonite professional lady struggling with her lifestyle in a church that will tolerate nothing that is "different."

Sharon is an up-and-coming marketing professional, and "English" outsider, who comes to idyllic Lancaster County, PA, simply to do business with Michelle.

​The three ladies are thrown into the turmoil of the religious cult and all the havoc this has created, and together find that the pain and suffering does not simply stop. The story, begun in Dark Angel Amish, exposes the fallacies of the tourist marketing program that show the Plain People as a simple, devout, humble, farming community. In real life, evil not only exists, but abounds in the community in ways that modern romance novels and reality TV shows fail to grasp. The strengths of the three main characters are tested to their limits, and they must reach deep into their stock of courage to triumph.

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​The unseen is often the truth

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Lou has two interests, besides the couple's travels. He writes, of course, and gladly consumes the gourmet dinners made by Loraine in the whole food-plant based nutrition regimen that they follow. The  weekly feria, or farmer's market, with an overabundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and their sumptuous offerings, provides most of the food that grace their table. Their opinion of their new home, "Life is good!"

     The cruise ship sat in the sun, docked in Cyprus in the beautiful Mediterranean, waiting for the full complement of guests and crew to board and settle in for the next to weeks of comfort and enjoyment. Already on board was a full contingent of senior staff who had worked their way up from cabin boys and housekeepers to now directing the cruise. Many of the room stewards, cooks, newly-graduated engineers and service personnel were hoping to follow in their footsteps, and do the same.

     On the dock, waiting to board, were honeymooners, senior citizens on the trip of a lifetime, parents looking for some relaxation before getting back to the grind of raising those kids, and maybe even some malcontents with less than pleasure on their minds.

     In distant lands, politicians striving to cement the dominance of their countries were looking for the next available target to disrupt the major powers who were using the desert lands to do battle with each other. Major arms suppliers around the globe were happily raking in wartime profits from all the mayhem.


LJKWords.comis introducing Lou's latest work, The Final Cruise. A book not for the faint hearted, a book of the times, and a chilling representation of what could happen in our world today. The Final Cruise, along with Lou's two other works, Dark Angel Amish and Pay the Devil, are stories presenting a different perspective of what is served to us in the media and public opinion. Thank you for visiting LJKWords. Please enjoy the site and examine the reading options available to you below.

Five years ago, in the midst of the world changing in so many ways, some positive, but many negative, Lou Kritz and his wife Loraine, moved to Costa Rica. Seeking peace and a beautiful place to enjoy it, they found much more that they anticipated. Being away from the United States gave them the chance to view our modern life from a much different and quieter perspective. Their new Costa Rican home lacks the drumbeat of the hypermedia, the relentless, bellicose politicking, and the efforts of everyone to simply get more.

Now, the couple's days are spent relaxing on the terraza watching toucans and oropendulas swoop over the coffee and sugar cane fields, and drinking delicious coffee grown and processed on the next ridge. Then there are the highlights of traveling to the various attractions. There are the Pacific and Caribbean beaches, volcano-fueled hot springs, vibrant towns and villages in the flat northern lands, the lush rain forests, and Central Valley city life.

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Dark Angel Amish begins with Sharon's innocent mixed business-pleasure trip to PA Dutch Country. She was going to visit with her new client for her advertising and marketing company in Philadelphia. Michelle, one of the family members managing a growing paper goods business welcomed her. In doing so, she allowed Sharon a peek into a close-knit Mennonite family. All seemed serene until Michelle opened up about her personal lifestyle, one that is certainly not accepted by her church. 

Anna Stolzfus and husband Jacob struggled with Anna's health problems that caused her to delay bearing more children. This was unacceptable to the Amish church's elders who stepped in to exercise their authority over what  they perceived to be wayward church members. As Anna struggled with their directives, Jacob found an outlet for his frustration in an area that was destined to cause him unbelievable agony. 

​Finally, when the elders decided to correct Anna's and Jacob's transgressions with a hideous final solution, the situation spirals out of rationality. Only through their ability to fight through fear, anger, and despair do Anna, Michelle, and Sharon find a way to move forward.

Can all of these stories be connected? When terrorists retaliate, the hopes and dreams are destroyed for those directly affected, but also for those that think they are distant observers.​​